Lease terms and conditions

Documents necessary for the rental:
Private person: ID, driver’s license, address card, furthermore 2 copies of public utility cheques paid for the hirer’s name and registered address in Győr or close to Győr and/or deposit payment via bank card Enterprises, companies: company registry decision, specimen signature, authorization for the person acting on behalf of a company and taking over the rented car, if necessary
The hirer must paid a deposit of 100.000,- HUF (CASCO accidental damage excess) which is to be refunded when the rented car is returned free of any damages.
The leased vehicles have both third-party insurance and CASCO insurance. In case of damage, which is settled to the debit of the third-party insurance, Lessor is authorized to charge a single lump sum of HUF 50,000.- + VAT for each case of damage – against an invoice – for Lessee. For damage, which is settled to the debit of the CASCO insurance, the excess is at least HUF 100,000.- or 10%.
The cars are delivered filled-up, please, return it at the end of the rental period also filled-up.
Delivery/take over of the cars is to be performed at a time and in a place agreed in advance. If required, our services are available during after-hours as well. The cars are delivered free of charge within Győr and its administrative district.
Minimum rental period is 1 day. One rental day consists of 24 hours starting by the time of taking the car. 1 hour allowance is given when returning the car. In case of any further delay the lessor charges a whole rental day.
Our cars are allowed to be used without any restriction in the member countries of the European Union, and for other countries special permission from the lessor is necessary.
Objective liability declaration: In Hungary the owner/registered keeper of the motor vehicle is liable for any infringement committed with the vehicle. The infringement of the road rules is sanctioned with special strictness by the authorities.
Car rental companies are bound to prove with an evidence document (declaration) annexed to the lease contract who used the car at the given time. The user’s data are to be submitted to the authorities acting according to the rules, and administers the collection of the penalty. Objective liability declaration
The annexed document contains further details of the lease terms and conditions.
Lease terms and conditions (valid till 30/11/2016)
Car rental agreement (valid from 01/02/2019)
Car rental agreement (valid from 01/12/2016)