Frequently asked questions

What is the shortest rental period?
The shortest rental period is 1 day. The rental day starts when the car is taken over, it covers 24 hours.
What is included in the rental fee?
The rental fee includes liability and CASCO insurance, obligatory and running service costs, vehicle tax and company car tax, furthermore, international assistance service.
What insurances do the rented cars have?
Rented cars have liability and CASCO insurance. 100.000,- HUF or 10 % accidental damage excess is payable for any damage event caused by the lessor.
Who is allowed to drive the rented car?
The rented car is allowed to be driven by those listed in the lease contract.
Is the rented car permitted to be used abroad?
Yes, it is. It is permitted to be used without any restriction within the European Union, in order to enter other countries a permission is needed from the lessor.
What should be done in case of an accident or breakdown?
Call our non-stop number 06 20 460 30 62 where our administrator provides information and assistance.
What documents are necessary for car rental?
Private person: ID, driver’s license, address card, furthermore 2 copies of public utility cheques paid for the hirer’s name and registered address in Győr or close to Győr and/or deposit payment via bank card
Enterprises, companies: company registry decision, specimen signature, authorization for the person acting on behalf of a company and taking over the rented car, if necessary
What should be known about payment conditions?
The rental fee can paid in cash, via a valid bank card/credit card. Bank transfer needs a separate agreement.
What is the amount of the deposit?
At the time of taking the car over, or until the commencement of the lease 100.000,- HUF deposit is to be paid. In case no damage event with own cause occurs during the lease period the deposit amount will be returned when the car is returned.
When and where can the car be taken over?
The rented car is delivered and taken over at our office during working hours, between 8 and 16. However, transporting can be requested, which is free within the administrative district of Győr, furthermore, our service is available even after working hours.