Our enterprise has successfully been working for more than two decades with its seat in Győr. Our main activity is car rental. Our aim was to cover not only Győr but the Western Transdanubian region and Budapest with a non-stop service for companies, private persons, tourists visiting our country, and motorists getting into trouble.

Besides fulfilling demands of company clients for short-term rental car, we also provide long-term rental service, fleet management for effectively reducing additional costs of company car management, invoicing, administration, insurance, service. Further advantage is the long-term rental service based on a monthly fee established in advance making company car related expenses schedulable and transparent.

We have always made efforts to establish our fleet in a way that our clients find the most suitable car type rented from our company. We provide vehicles in all categories with a wide range of types. Our fleet has been expanded during the years keeping up with the increasing demands: besides passenger cars 9 seats vans are available, and 3, 5-ton lorries for moving, transportation..

Of course, all of our vehicles have air-conditioning, and the necessary accessories for the given season are also provided. Further accessories are also available for rental such as navigation, child-seat, snow chain to make transport easier and safer.

Based on our partners’ feedback our enterprise fulfils requirements on a high level. The „Car rental of the year 2012” awarded by the Hungarian Rent a Car Association is a proof of the trade’s appreciation.

Some of the features providing basis for the first-class and flexible service we provide is the several years of professional experience in the field of car rental and passenger service, well-trained fellow-workers, international assistance service, non-stop availability, partner network.

We hope that our introductory information caught Your attention. Please, don’t hesitate to find us for information and order placement.